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On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

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Our Mission

Darknight Productions has been created with the intent to provide a variety of quality theater experiences in multiple venues during the work week when most theaters are dark.  This provides audiences an opportunity for entertainment throughout the week in venues throughout the Valley and gives actors an opportunity to perform during the week.  We provide two public shows each week to allow people to view the nine comedies available for them to book.

Our marketing efforts are focused toward private party and club entertainment, however we are happy to work with any organization or corporate group as well. 


About the Producers

Director Diedre Kaye...was going about her own business as an incredibly successful corporate big-shot when she met novice Playwright Alexx Stuart at one of those "St. Swithin's Day" theme parties.  She invited him home for dinner, and as we all know, if you feed stray dogs and starving artists, you'll never get rid of them.  They teamed up to write the strangely successful desert hit, Buzzard Ball; he did the writing, while she made sure he was locked in his office so as not to sneak off to feed his addiction to gambling on "Mexican Cat-Juggling."

Seriously though...Alexx has been writing comedy for years, but only when he connected with Diedre's love and enthusiasm for theater did he attempt to write for the stage.  He now has a long list of plays have all garnered great reviews from patrons and local newspaper reviewers.  In addition to writing plays, Alexx writes sketch comedy for The Early Bird Special comedy troupe, is in development for his movie, Buzzard Ball adapted from his play of the same name, and is planning to workshop his newest play about Dee Dee Wood, Emmy-award winning choreographer next summer.

Diedre has been involved in theater for over 30 years as an actress, director, stage manager and teacher.  She has a Masters+30 in Education, a minor in theater from Western Michigan University and a K-12 theater endorsement from ASU where she continues to study at the graduate level.  She also studied at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.  Diedre is currently directing all of Alexx's shows for Darknight Productions and the comedy team, "The Early Bird Special."  She also directed Buzzard Ball in Sun City Grand.  She has been actively involved with Desert Foothills Theater for the past seven years as an actor, stage manager, assistant director, box office manager, and steering committee member.  This year she will debut her first play, Three Divas & a Darryl - a comedy musical revue of Alexx's parodies.

Diedre and Alexx are thrilled to be living their dream of managing their own theater company and producing quality shows that make people laugh.   They are now also actively engaged in development for the film version of Buzzard Ball.  Alexx is also working on two other screenplays for Crazy Chicken Cinema LLC.

The Producers of Darknight Productions
Alexx Stuart and Diedre Kaye

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