Darknight Productions


Darknight Productions has an incredibly talented group of actors who perform in one or more of our shows.  If you are interested in auditioning for this production company, please email or mail us a headshot and resume.  We are always interested in expanding our company with fine performers. We also represent a number of independent performers for contracted shows. If you have a fully developed show that you are interested in having marketed for private shows, please contact us for an audition.

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We are blessed with a large group of talented people who perform in our shows.  We have actors who perform in our East side (private shows) and West side (public and private shows) and some actors perform on both sides of town. 
We currently have a few openings where we are double casting our shows and we are always willing to see people for auditions in the event an opening is created unexpectedly. Our public performances and our private shows are increasing each season.  Our next round of general auditions is in January. If you are interested in being considered for a role in our shows, please email your headshot and resume to darknightproductions@cox.net.  Please do not consider auditioning if you do not have a 60 second comedic monologue memorized  and can sing on key for at least 24 bars.  We are a semi-professional company and we expect all actors to come to us with having at least minimal experience within the last 2 years from high school or community theater productions.  Do not request an audition if you are not prepared or if you do not have transportation to various areas on either the East side or West side of town.  We are only looking for actors who are committed to quality performances, can take direction well and who are fun, positive people.
Our actors enjoy the flexibility that working with this production company allows them.  Rehearsals are limited and are scheduled typically for Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday nights with some Saturday mornings.  All actors are paid a stipend for the shows they perform. They sometimes receive a meal following the performance.  Actors and their spouses may attend a show for food cost for the show if arrangements are made in advance depending on the venue and space available.   Actors who perform with us for a minimum of 5 shows qualify for profit sharing when all shows have cleared expenses. Actors in this theater company are never asked to be waiters.  During scene breaks they can mingle with the audience in character or take a break in the dressing area. They also do not beg for tips at the end of the show. We currently offer comedy, interactive mysteries, musicals and independently contracted shows.
Please prepare a song (bring your CD to sing to as there is no accompanist) and a 30-60 second comedy monologue. Please do not schedule an audition until you are prepared.
Call Diedre Kaye at 480-595-7346 to schedule an appointment or email at mailto:darknightproductions@cox.net